Accidental American Struggle

A place to inform and fight against the injustice and discrimination that people who are considered US citizens are facing.

Uncle Sam saying we want you People being tagged as US citizens

What is an accidental American?

An accidental American is a citizen of a country other than the United States, who may also be considered a U.S. citizen under U.S. nationality law but is not aware of having U.S. status, or has only become aware of it recently during adulthood.

In recent times, such a person will be bullied by the USA, discriminated and persecuted in her own country while her "true" authorities do nothing to protect her.

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Goal and future updates

This website will present useful information to inform people and authorities.

  • Such information can be used to demand changes to relieve accidental Americans' struggle.
  • We will try to translate this site in various languages. Since one of the absurd point of this situation is that a lot don't speak English.

What we are trying to answer

  • Who is affected around the world?
  • Is there a real link between accidental Americans and the US?
  • What are the negative consequences for these people?
  • Remind the USA and any state of their duties towards their citizens.
  • And finally, what can we do to change this situation.

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